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Our communities have heroes that you haven't heard of. There are traditions being lost and languages being forgotten. By sharing stories that go untold, we hope that you feel more connected to your neighbor - whether they are in your own backyard or on the other side of the world. 

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We Are Still Here: The Jews of Thessaloniki

“David Ben-Gurion came to visit Thessaloniki in 1911 to study the structure of a small state. He then realized after his visit that it was possible to have a Jewish State,” explained Larry Sefiha. At the time, Thessaloniki’s total population was 150,000. The city’s Jews numbered at 70,000, creating the largest ethnic element in the city. Up until the early 1900s, the city was nicknamed the City of Hebrews. Today, only about 1,000 Jews remain in Thessaloniki.

Giving Birth in Trash: Juba, South Sudan

After decades of civil war with her northern neighbor, South Sudan was now facing its own internal war as intertribal tensions have caused famine, displacement, and thousands of deaths throughout the country. During a research and development trip in March 2016, a colleague and I visited the Juba County Dumpsite and were shocked to see large amounts of children and families residing in what could have been the most unwanted part of town.

The Forgotten Greece: The Pomakochoria

After miles of mountainous backroads north of the city of Xanthi, Greece lies a region that is commonly unmentioned when discussing modern day Greece. Far from the highly-photographed, whitewashed villages of the Greek Islands frequently featured in touristic brochures are the villages of Thrace known as the Pomakochoria, home to indigenous Turko-Slavic speaking Muslims. We visited Echinos to learn more about the culture and language.