Sharing stories that go untold.


Meaning of [ISTORIA]

The word istoria comes from the Greek word for story. Since this site was created as a base for storytelling, I felt that the translation of the word in Greek gave it a more archaic but timeless feel. I remember a speaker at an event saying to us in the audience that "it only takes one generation for a story to be forgotten." My hope is that Istoria brings stories to people's ears so that precious information doesn't become lost. 

WHAT: Our communities have heroes that you haven't heard of. There are people groups and cultures that are dwindling due to globalization. There is a story out there you haven't read yet. Istoria was created to share those stories that go untold; the ones that don't reach headlines. 

WHY: We hope you feel more connected to your neighbor after reading these stories, whether they are in your own backyard or on the other side of the world. Learning about people, cultures, and communities different from ourselves helps create empathy and interconnectedness. We also want to do what we can to help cultures and languages survive through stories.

WHO: Istoria is a collaborative effort on visual storytelling among individuals who encounter stories by engaging culture and people in their own communities and during their international experiences.